The Group Taousanis Development & Construction is mainly involved in the construction and renovation of business spaces and property development and utilization.

The company’s activities started in 1985 as a sole proprietorship. In 1997 it received its present legal form, Taousanis Ltd, and in 2000 Taousanis SA.

Its philosophy is based on commitment to quality workmanship, consistency in the delivery of each project and extreme cost-effectiveness. Providing innovative services and excellent after sales support-thanks to the well-organized after sales service-, it offers comprehensive service and complete satisfaction to even the most demanding customers.

With 30 years of experience in the field of construction and property development, the group Taousanis Development & Construction specializes in the development, utilization, renovation and renewal of buildings, shops, business spaces, apartments and tourist accommodation creating goodwill, completing the construction, finding the user and making sure that the idea of the project as a whole is successful.

Our personnel is always at your side, giving you the necessary assistance and guidance for the construction or renovation of your business space, and for any construction need that may occur on your premises. Always maintaining excellent workmanship, our company guarantees very short delivery times, attractive prices and simultaneous operation at different areas across the country for all its customers.

Thanks to our combined knowledge in retail strategy, global identity, architectural studies and construction, we are the only company that provides comprehensive services for every need at all stages, creating impressive and commercially successful spaces.

Taousanis Development & Construction, with its highly qualified staff and extensive experience in the construction and renovation of business spaces, is by your side to make sure your needs are met and demands, realizing your vision.